Tuesday, September 2, 2014

No more retreats. But all is not lost!

My book-writing sabbatical of August ended on the 28th. Since then it's been newsletters and announcements of exciting stuff all at once! Like the new, upcoming (Sep 17!) Refuse to Choose book club!

This is not what I expected a book club to be. This is big, bigger than you might think. Don't know how to explain but the I Could Do Anything book club was (still is, it's almost over) unbelievably important, big, deep, exciting. People doing the exercises together changed everything. Patty is a genius to have thought of it. I am a wise woman to have said yes immediately.

People get closer in this kind of online 'book club' than anywhere but in a retreat. I no longer do Scanner retreats, I'm sad to say. Got too hard after I turned 78.

But that's so unfortunate. Scanners need each other. They're almost always misunderstood by the people around them and it's had a bad effect on their self-worth. Scanners are people who (at least until they found my book) felt alone, different, even flawed.

Now that they've found my book, Refuse To Choose, they know they're fine, better than fine. That's a big, important step. But they ask me where they can meet other Scanners. Of course.

I've sent them to Facebook pages and my bulletin board, but those places arent' set up for the same ongoing and potentially deep connections, you don't have the consistency of connection over time, can't learn enough, and they have fewer chances to help and and get understanding from people like themselves. (You learn so much when you help people you understand!)

Now I have the answer. And it doesn't include overseas travel, being away from home for a week, or spending thousands of dollars.

We've just finished writing the newsletter and it should go out tonight so watch your inbox if you're on my mailing list. Open it as soon as you can because the book club is already filling up!

If you're not on my mailing list, let me know here and I'll give you a link to the blog where I posted the newsletter with all the links late last night. (I think. I'm still pretty sleepy.)

And that ain't all that's going on. But first things first.

Huff Puff.